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Last Minute Halloween DIY Costumes

October 31, 2017


Last minute invited to go trick or treating? Been too busy to think up your eerie attire? Well we have four fool proof DIY's to get you candy collecting ready! 









A Halloween classic that you can pair with a great pair of shoes, PLUS the Amuser DIY version will cost you peanuts in time and moolah.


  • Black long-sleeved top

  • Black leggings/trousers

  • White masking tape

  • Scissors

  • Black Eyeliner


Using the masking tape, measure out and plot a skeleton outline on your top and bottoms. You can use a similar design to the simple but effective one we’ve shown in our illustration! Masking tape is a good tape to use because it sticks easily but can also be pulled off easily if you make a ‘whoops’ with your design. Next up, use your scissors to round off the edges of your tape skeleton to look like bones. And finally, get that ensemble on your body and use your black eyeliner to give yourself a toothy grin and some boney eyeball holes. Spooky and fab!








The original feminist icon, dressing up as a witch with our ridiculously easy Amuser DIY witch’s hat will have you cackling with glee over your cauldron of punch all night long.  


  • Black top

  • Black bottoms (I chose a witchy skirt!)

  • Thick black cardboard (you can paint/colour a corrugated cardboard box you’ve got lying around!)

  • Black poster card

  • Masking tape

  • Scissors


Once you’ve got your thick cardboard a lovely shade of black, cut a large circle out of it, about as wide as you will want the brim of your witch’s hat to be. Once you’ve got your circle, cut a hole in the middle of your circle that is approximately the size of your head – you can keep adjusting the inside part of your ‘donut’ until it fits your noggin’. Next, you’re going to take your poster card and make a nice big cone out of it (you all did this in primary school right?). Trim your cone so that it will match up with the inner hole of your ‘donut’. Secure on the inside of your hat with masking tape and hide any unsightly bits of tape by simply colouring them in with a black marker or paint and voila! Put on your witchy outfit and go scare your landlord.







Wow factor without the mess and fuss, plus has the added element of mystique if you decide to go the whole hog and mummify your face i.e. ‘who’s that cute mummy at the bar?’.


  • Black or white top

  • Black or white bottoms

  • Toilet paper (go for two-ply for a longer lasting mummification)


This one is wonderfully simple. Just don your under-outfit (or, if you’re feeling spicy, go for the mummy who will unravel into sexy lingerie at the end of the night) and then begin to strategically roll toilet paper around your entire body. For an effective mummy look, go for many layers, and, while you’ll be tucking some of the loose ends in, don’t be shy to let some of your ‘bandages’ fly free for extra spookiness.






4. BAT

The classic cutesy animal outfit that isn’t done to death like the black cat costume. We really used up all nine lives on that one, guys!


  • Alice band

  • Black paper

  • Big black plastic bag

  • Black long-sleeved top

  • Black bottoms


The main attraction for this lovely little outfit is your bat wings. What’s great about using the black plastic is that it naturally flutters in the breeze with barely one sweep of your batty arms, so the overall effect is extremely eye-catching. You’ll need to hold your black plastic bag up to your arm and cut two big rectangles that are about the length of your arm and that reach down to about your hips. Once you have these, trim them to look like bat wings – use our illustration for inspo! Colour some strips of masking tape with a black marker to disguise them and then secure your wings to your long sleeved shirt. Now, we’ve gone the extra mile and also added bat ears to this ensemble, but you are welcome to just stick to wings if you have a tendency towards tardiness like I do. For the ears, you’ll need to cut bat ear shapes out of your black paper (experiment with ear length and style!) and secure to your plain alice band with tape. Again, just colour over the bits of masking tape that are messing with your mojo. Put together the pieces and you’re ready to fly over to that Halloween shin-dig!



All illustrations by Maya-Rose Torrão 

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